Wasteland Lewdness is an adult RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world.

In this tortured world, nuclear bombs didn't just take more than half of the human population away, they also burned all the humanity from those who survived......  You are a young man who has never ventured beyond your safe settlement until now. Forced to leave your home and into the wastes -- where almost everything tries to kill you, and the rest wants to do things far worse -- on a tech-scavenge quest.

Players can be straight or gay or bi, dominant or submissive, good or bad, the choices are yours.

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Version 0.29.1 is out for patrons and subscribers!

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Current contents (Version: 0.28.2):

Open world

Character creation

Attributes system with in-game checks (AKA the D.I.C.C.K.S)

Traits and perks

79 sex scenes

Main and side quests

3 Companions

4 towns with merchants and interesting characters

Inventory with 76 items and 26 unique items

Vehicle system with 3 vehicles

Player homes in most of the town

CYOA combat\Turn-based combat

Time and day/night cycle system

Exploring system

Random encounters system

Cooking system

[Frequently Asked Q&A]

Q: When will the next update come out?

A: Content updates every 14 to 21 days (if nothing goes wrong), bug fixing updates as soon as I got the free time.

Q: Pics won't show up when I play the game with my phone?

A: New android systems won't allow htmls using pictures from your phone, use joiplay or other similar apps to play the game on your mobiles.

Q: Will/Could there be a female protagonist start option?

A: No, but it is planned that you can have a full female transformation in the late games. A female start may be possible when I'm finished most of the game.

Q: I really like (Character name), can I romance/have sex with him/her? Can you add more of him/her?

A: Leave me a comment or message to let me know the character you like. I'll prioritize the more popular characters with content updates.

Q: Could you add options to filter content?

A: You can avoid anything and everything you don't like by your choices in-game. Read carefully and then choose.

Q: I cheated and something went wrong! Help?

A: I don't care that you are cheating, play the game in any way you want. But I can't afford to help you if you messed with the variables, it's time-consuming and I only got so much free time. Also, please make sure you haven't cheated before you send a bug report.

Q: I lost my saves! Help?

A: Saves are in your browser's cache, so either avoid clearing your browser cache or use "save to disk" and get a save file that you can store anywhere you like.


You need to be an adult and in accordance with the laws of your region or country to play this game, all characters in this game are over 21, and every character is consensual towards every action or inaction that occurs in the game, no matter what the in-game text may allude. All characters, events, and any other things in this game are pure works of fiction, they do not represent the opinions and beliefs of the creator.

This game is in an early stage, if you find any bugs, typos, or grammar mistakes, please send them to me to help me improve this game. Thanks and I hope you enjoy Wasteland Lewdness.

Updated 8 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorIcy Viridian
GenreRole Playing, Adventure
Made withTwine
TagsAdult, Dark, Erotic, LGBT, NSFW, Post-apocalyptic, Story Rich, Text based
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksPatreon, Subscribestar


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Is there any way to cheat on mobile?

Think we can get some Robots in here?

Hey again, sorry if I'm asking a lot of questions, but are there like any consequences for doing the Death Arena? Just incase if we do save the slaves at one point, I don't wanna lock myself out of any rewards when we do save them.

To answer your question no theres no penalty when doing the death arena the death arena is where you can free your parents which is one of the options with no risk and just fighting 2 easter bbeast to free them of course you lose the 100 powder you get so you can free your parents but the death arena is where you get the best weapon (currently) in the game which is patrica that deals nearly a 100 dng per shot but your gonna need a good weapon and alot of healing to beat the enemy's since each one you take down you get closer to the champion and once you beat the champion you get a crown as a reward and a good perk (wont spoil what both does) so yeah no penalties for participating.

Alright, thanks! :>

Np we help fellow cultural people when needed


Since we got raids as slavers what about raid defence? 

That would make sense if your against slavery, fighting multiple slavers at once and maybe even fighting dereck or other special slavers sounds fun.

And maybe add perks that have positives and drawbacks to make things more interesting like

Perk:Brawler:"Due to fighting alot in the tower you know a thing or two about beating the shit out of someone.".               + 10 dmg with unarmed and unarmed weapons -10 dmg for ranged weapons 

Instead of getting one perk at the beginning how about 2?

One will be a status perk like the perks we have right now and the second will be a combat perk this would spice up combat abit since it would let us explore different combos and how we take out our enemy

(1 edit)

Heya, So I just discovered this game and I'm really enjoying it so far. I just have two questions so far though:

Is Humm going to have more content? I loved getting railed by him  and especially the size difference and now I think he's my favorite so far lol

Is there any way to get 12 intelligence so far without spending all your points into intelligence or do I actually have to, not that I mind I just wanna know 
Edit: nevermind I found out how to complete the questline without using the computers

What are gonna do with 12 intel?

The computers in the bunker have a intel check and you need 12 intel to do it, but I already completed the greyfold war questline without using it so yeah nevermind

Eh its usless you just get to use the computer with out help from one of the factions.

Im useing joiplay and I still dont see any pictures.

Just by reading the development log i know i'm going to love this game. Keep on the good work you really seem to have something special being made

Is there a way to hide the submit button during a fight? I was hunting wolves and just speed clicking and.. WHOOPS xD


Just to make sure nothing is going to happen if i keep doing raids after advanced right (next update wise)


It'll be fine




does the experienced trait at the start actually do anything?


in last elysium (i think thats the name) you can enter if you have sexual experience

There is actually other ways to enter

yes, but i like that most


Is there no player top option with Frank or Maddox? If not, is there a possibility that they will be implemented in future? 


There'll be for Frank.


Eh? So Maddox is gonna be a total top? Please no!



Maddox is a total top? YES PLEASE!


A slave camp storyline, 3+ sexual gears catered to bottoms / sub bottoms, 3 males characters each with a top scene but no bottom scene, and you still feel the need to chime in me talking to the dev about my expectation...? Dang.


And you felt I was serious because....? Lmao get over yourself.

Huge question.
tryna romance eerie but in the 麓麓kiss her麓麓 option it says: she doesnt love you enough, i killed her father and everything so.... why?

If you talked to her during your first mission with her (when getting payment from a hunter) dont NOT talk to her in any way and just go quietly or there must be something wrong

(1 edit) (+3)(-2)

please make dr choppy and Kate-t as a sex option 


I don't even want to know what Dr Chappy will do

Deleted 10 days ago

Bro am not gonna down that route usually having to get on with a mad doctor is gonna be weird

Deleted 18 days ago

Join the discord server then dm me

Anyone is welcome to do so but please, no spam


is there any way to gender swap urself currently? or is that something planned for the future (saw it talked about but idk if u can do it already


Planned but not in-game yet

can you make rusty and gerenal lang fuckable please?


There's a scene with Rusty


yes i know, is an option to pay the susan debt but any with lang?


That wasn't Rusty that was a random member of his gang


I love your game the perfect blend of action and fucking I hope you keep on updating this masterpiece 



In the bunker in room A3 i cant seem to find the passcode for the foot locker, can someone help


Its "Andrew" ;) It was mentioned in the diary, you can find and read it when going down a level 


Ong tho how does one cheat in this game? (I honestly just don't want to work hard in the game-)


Any chance for a back button?

(1 edit) (+3)

do you have to destroy rusty's or can you avoid it? and do i have to kill the dude to romance eerie?


You need to kill her father to romance eerie and you can make peace with both factions by doing all of their missions the dillan part of both missions dont matter if you favor the faction you like more the other faction will just reduce the amount of powder you get then after getting both missle missions go to red lights and meet the owner (i forgot her name) which was rusty's daughter and langs ex girlfriend you need 10 charisma to convince her to make peace with the factions


How to get the scene with the wendigo ? please


Join rusty's gang when you get to grey then do your second mission then a wendigo appears you need to surrender to it with the normal amount of charisma or more then it happens

Thanks mate 

(1 edit) (+3)

This game is amazing! I'm in love with all the different characters and the variety of personalities that they have! My personal favorit is Derek, even though I haven't interacted with him so much-. 100/10 from me! You hard work on this game has made it a blessing to us all! :D Thank you so much and I'm looking forward to further progress.


Thank you


Will there be a way to upgrade the DICCKS, beyond clothing? Intelligence, by chance, so I can do some hacking?




Wow this game really has me in an irongrip at the moment! Loving all of the content so far- although I wish we could get it on with Robin! Nonetheless, keep up the amazing work and I can't wait to see it finished!

Some things I would like to see in the future (if not to laboring) is npc reactions to things like "getting taken as a slave" or so on. 


One of the commonly asked questions mentions cheating, how would one go about doing that?

(1 edit) (+7)(-2)

Yo, literally made an account to write an answer, so if this goes against some TOS where I'm not meant to endorse cheating then I apologise.

To cheat, download the game and you'll need any application to change HTML code (I heavily suggest Brackets, they're free and have an inbuilt webpage viewer). Right-click "Wasteland Lewdness.Html" and open it in Brackets.
Depending on what you want to cheat is what you can edit. If you want to cheat stats, columns 695 - 701 are where you should edit. Just change the starting 5 to 999 (over 1,000 and the game gives an error code).
To make life easier, instead of scrolling to column 695, Ctrl + F and search "set $strength" and it should get you to the line of code.

For cheating money, go to line 959 (or Ctrl + F "$getpipegun -= 1, $gunpowder += 3") and replace it with "$getpipegun -= 0, $gunpowder += 999". (obviously, make sure not to copy or paste the quotation marks). What this does is let you "sell" your pipe gun for 999 gunpowder and your pipe gun stays in your inventory, so just spam it as much as you want.

This should be pretty damn easy, but if you need help I can add screenshots to make it easier if necessary. 

Oh and if you want the game to be on easy mode, just equip a melee weapon (your melee does 2 * 999 damage). If you want to struggle but succeed in every stat check, equip a gun. You'll still need to equip armour and heal because shit hurts in this game.

Have fun :)


Thank you man! this will help me get over my lost save lol (straight up tho, thanks man)


Does anyone have a list of the unique items obtainable within the current version? I'm trying to find all of them and I'm missing two. I've checked through all of the shops and I've already finished the death arena. I got Derek's gun and his collar. I finished both the debris walkers and rusty gang quest. I also did the foot event and ordered the fursuit. 

(2 edits)

There are two special ones I remember getting outside of the Gladiator Pit and Greyfold story.

Aluminum Fever is found by going to the Greyfold Pawn Shop with high inteligence and finding a box of broken gun parts. You repair it and get a unique gun.

Blood is Thicker is found by equipping a gas mask and having unglow pills. Spam search the Bomb Pit in Greyfold until you find a steel door. Password is 810674, it was on that train when you get attacked by a snake. You can also just use strength if it's 10 or intelligence if it's 8. Search it for canned tuna and gunpowder. It'll show a prompt to search a sealed door, open it and a grenade will blow up, dealing around 150 damage. If you live, you get a unique tommygun. 

Also all the stuff from giving the book to Bedivere after changing the ending of the book.


I got all that stuff you listed plus Charlotte's bracelet and the footchain, I just forgot to list them :P. So I'm still missing two

Is the number of days in the game irrelevant to the story?

I don't think it affects the story, only the time of the day is important in same jobs

(1 edit)

Please help ! How can I take Robin with me as a companion ? I paid for his treatment at the clinic and pick the option that I will pick him up later, but when I came back, I don't see the option to take him as a companion. There was just only the option to ask about his story, I did try to press that repeatedly but it wont work

Fixed in 0.26.3, but you might need to start a new game to take Robin


Been a few months since I last played, great to see so many contents added, loving the game and loving replaying the old content but making different choices! pls keep doing what you doing man great work all around


Do you level up or are you just stuck with your starting stats?


Sadly you don't level up the only way to raise your stats is through equipments

There are also perks that add to your stats, like when you become champion of death pit or when you make peace with rusty and walkers

also I think I saw in discord once when Icy said there'll be implants or bodymods that can increase your stats in future

How do i leave nogas? I have started the game, arrived in nogas but whem i try to leave the only options are to "go back" or "travel to nogas".


You have to talk to the slavers at the bar and ask if they need help and choose your side 

Thank you

What I'm i supposed to do after becoming a slaver? I'm confused

How do you become a slaver?

(2 edits)

Talk to Derek after u found your parents 


Thank you!


read the updatelog an you will find out thats the newest update brings, so wait or go support icy and get early access


So like- If you don't ask for the map from either the Rusty's gang or the Debris walker and do their final quest and talk to Roxanne, you can't access the bunker...

no shit bro only the doc knows where the bunker is


Definitely enjoy this. Shows a lot of promise. As someone with a preference that leans toward Dominant PC and xeno/teraphilia, is there any plans to increase the opportunity for such? I must have missed some scenes or there's not a lot in game atm. I've always had an interest in post apocalypse environments as they have a solid starting point for such content. I found the dog scene but that's Beast content more than monster/xeno and there's Easter beasts but I don't remember there being a way to Dom one. I haven't played the last couple versions so there might be more content I need to hunt down but I'm enjoying what I've found so far.


good game, I'll be waiting for future updates, cheers to the developer


I'm not able to support with credit card over itch.io. Am I missing something or have you not enabled it? Patreon & subscribestar aren't things I'd use but I'm enjoying your work and would love to support it


I wonder if incest between your parents may happen if beastiality is here


i think it would be sick as hell to be able to intro charlotte to your parents after you rescue them.


how do i see Winston again after I met him the first time at Babili?


greyfold southside

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